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Listing and Fulfilment

Reach out to 420 million customers worldwide! We will take care of listing, advertising, and fulfilment.

Including Logistics

We are responsible for warehousing, shipping of your products, and returns handling.

Maximize Margin

We maximize your profit margin with intelligent, market-oriented re-pricing and by eliminating the need for retailers.

Maximize your Profit!

We take care of the entire sales process including product listing, advertising, fulfilment, logistics, customer services, and product returns. You benefit from our years of e-commerce experience as well as a constant optimization of sales channels. You will earn additional revenue at once. The marketing is carried out by margin optimization. Your brand gets priority and you maintain full control over the prices.

In the absence of fixed costs, our solution is ideal for the gradual creation of an online product range. As a manufacturer, you can remain in the background and build up the infrastructure for direct online distribution without alienating your existing retailers.

Listing and Marketing

We will list your product in keeping with your sales strategy on all relevant platforms or marketplaces such as Amazon Marketplace or eBay and achieve up to 420 million customers worldwide. Germany is the second single largest market after the United States.

In addition to the listing, we look after fulfilment and payment processing as well as customer service on relevant platforms, and control all promotional efforts for the listed product range.


In addition to warehousing, we provide complete logistics to end-user customers and handle returns management. We optimize the shipping costs, ensuring the best possible availability of goods and fast shipping. Our logistics solution is considerably more efficient in comparison to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or other service providers.

Maximum Profit with SpreadX

SpreadX is an intelligent software tool for making dynamic price adjustments. The market price is optimized considering the market to ensure that the retail margin is always maximized.


Listing and Fulfilment Logistics Dynamic Price Adjustments
Product listing on all platforms Warehousing Market-oriented repricing
Product listing on online stores Shipping Smart algorithm
Advertisement Returns management No price competition
Fulfilment Optimization of shipping costs Maximum margin
Payment transactions    
Customer and after sales services